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ATHA Specialized Training on Protection of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP121)

Course Facts

Course start date: 
November 5, 2012
Course end date: 
November 7, 2012
Apply by: 
September 13, 2012
Please note: The course starts at 9 PM on Monday November 5th. Participants are exhorted to arrive on Sunday, November 4th. The course end at lunch on Wednesday November 7th. Participants attending ATHA Core and ATHA Specialized Training on Humanitarian Law October 29-November 2 are encouraged to apply. Contact administration for rules and fees for staying at the campus on the weekend between trainings.

You don't have acces to this course page. You need to apply for the course to get acces

The training is based on modules covering key aspects of the protection of IDPs. These modules address the following topics:
- The IDP definition
- The Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement
- Protection from displacement
- Protection during displacement
- The Actors: The "collaborative response" to internal displacement
- Gender approach to displacement
- Durable solutions to displacement

Target group:
Targeted organisations include organisations working with humanitarian aid, as well as organisations oriented towards long term development work. Selection of course participants will be based on qualifications related to professional experience and interest in the sphere of humanitarian action. A selection will be made with a view to inviting a diverse and wide range of participants.

Course objective:
The objectives of the training are:
- To raise awareness on the international standards applicable to the protection of IDPs
- To promote protection tools to enforce these standards

Content and methodology:
The modules are used to run sessions for an average duration of 90 minutes each, and sessions are designed according to an interactive model. Each module combines exercises, case studies and presentations. Participants are provided with handouts documenting the various issues discussed during the sessions.

Specially selected resource persons with expertise in the area, and experience in working with conflict analysis in the field, will conduct the training.

the cost for the course is approx 1200 SEK per day. This covers training and full board and lodging. Each organization covers the cost of transportation to and from Härnösand. Sida/ATHA does not give any grants or scholarships.

Professional affiliation with an organization or institution is a requisite for participation in the course. Thus individuals interested in applying to the course are asked to submit applications in conjunction with their employing organization.

Contact and Inquiries:
For questions regarding the course, please contact Anna-Maria Rochester, ATHA Program Officer, e-mail: