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ATHA Specialized Training on Managing Humanitarian Assistance (MHA 121)

Course Facts

Course start date: 
May 31, 2012
Course end date: 
June 1, 2012
Apply by: 
April 6, 2012
Training starts 9 am May 31 and ends 5 pm June 1. Please note: Offered in conjunction with the ATHA Core training from 28-30 May 2012.
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May 26 2012 - 13:51,
Christina Blunt
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May 26 2012 - 13:50,
Christina Blunt

The ATHA onsite training on the Management of Humanitarian Assistance takes place twice each calendar year, at the Sida Partnership Forum, Härnösand, Sweden. Consisting of a three-day Core Training followed by a complementary two-day Specialized Training, it is recommended that organizations and interested participants consider them as a training package of together five days.

Target group:
Participants include relevant Swedish and international organizations and actors on all levels working within a humanitarian context.
Interested participants should be
• Professionals with prior exposure to and experience with humanitarian issues and/or development work in countries or at international level;
• Professionals identified by their organization as well positioned for the implementation of new strategic tools and methods acquired in the ATHA training.

Course objective:
The objective of the Spring 2012 ATHA Specialized Training on "Management of Humanitarian Assistance" is to provide aid professionals working at the nexus of emergency relief, early recovery and longer term development with a substantial and coherent training introducing key aspects and critical perspectives for improving transition processes and support to affected populations.

The Specialized Training, based on but complementary to the preceding Core training, aims at building capacity to effectively address challenges and dilemmas inherent in post-disaster and post-conflict contexts. Characterized by shifting needs and emphasis from lifesaving and emergency response to restoring and developing broader livelihoods, these situations rarely offer organizations clear and predictable frameworks and timetables that would regulate organizational mandates, roles, resources and priorities. The training sessions will explore these challenges through expert presentations and group discussions.

Content and methodology:
This two-day Specialized training is offered in conjunction with and subsequent to the three-day ATHA Core training. The training curriculum covers critical legal, operational and policy aspects of humanitarian action at the nexus of development and relief operations, presented and discussed with recent examples and cases in humanitarian affairs. For more information, see attached course description.

The cost of the training is approximately 300 Euros. This covers training and full board and lodging. Each organization covers the cost of transportation to and from Härnösand. Sida/ATHA does not give any grants or scholarships.

Professional affiliation with a relevant organization is a requisite for participation in the training. All individual applicants are required to submit their applications in conjunction with an endorsement by their employing organization.

Application to both the Spring Core training and the Specialized training (offered on consecutive days within the same week) is strongly encouraged but requires separate applications through the ATHA portal. Applicants for both the Core and Specialized training will be given preference.

Contact and Inquiries:
For further information, please contact Administrative Officer Magdalena Åkerros at, phone: +46 (0)8 698 40 44.