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ATHA Specialized Training on Gender in Humanitarian Action: from Policy to Practice (GPP121)

Course Facts

Course start date: 
May 9, 2012
Course end date: 
May 11, 2012
Apply by: 
March 30, 2012
Training starts 9 am May 9 and ends 5 pm May 11. Participants are expected to arrive evening May 8.

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ATHA Specialized Training on Gender in Humanitarian Action: from Policy to Practice

Please note: This page will be updated shortly. Information on content and modules is preliminary.

ATHA Partner:
Women's Refugee Commission (see:

Target group:
Targeted organisations include organisations working with humanitarian aid, as well as organisations oriented towards long term development work. Staff from NGOs, Governmental Institutions, Academia, IGOs, and military may apply for the course.

Course purpose/objectives:
The purpose of the course is to build gender awareness among NGOs working in humanitarian contexts starting with policy developments and their implications for practice. The aim is to assist humanitarian workers ensure that their programs promote equal access and opportunity for women, men, girls and boys; to develop an understanding of why this is vital for addressing poverty, conflict and HIV/AIDS; and, to apply the policy in select program areas, namely, livelihoods and gender-based violence.

1) To raise awareness on the role of gender in humanitarian action
2) To develop an understanding of how to put gender sensitive programming into practice

Content and methodology:
The training will include the following modules
* Introduction – Gender, gender roles, gender privilege, gender mainstreaming
* Gender – the legal framework
* Gender in Emergencies
* Engaging Men
* Gender-Based Violence – moving from response to prevention
* Promoting effective livelihood programs to promote gender equality
* Women’s economic empowerment as GBV prevention
* Gender implication for other program sectors – WASH, Health, and Education
* The future of humanitarian action and the role of gender

The modules will include presentations (knowledge input), discussions (knowledge integration), and case studies, small group work and role plays (knowledge application). The course is designed to be highly participative and interaction with participants sharing their own ideas, experiences and learning throughout.

The training cost is approximately 300 euros. This covers training and full board and lodging.
Each organization covers the cost of transportation to and from Härnösand. Sida/ATHA does not give any grants or scholarships.

Professional affiliation with an organization or institution is a requisite for participation in the course. Thus individuals interested in applying to the course are asked to submit applications in conjunction with their employing organization.

Selection of course participants will be based on qualifications related to professional experience and interest in the sphere of humanitarian action. A selection will be made with a view to inviting a diverse and wide range of participants.

Contact and Inquiries:
For more information about the training, please contact Administrative Officer Magdalena Åkerros at, phone +46 (0)8 698 40 44.