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The Harvard ATHA blog welcomes guest submissions from experts, practitioners, and researchers with experience and/or expertise relevant to the humanitarian sector. In particular, ATHA is interested in submissions with a focus on current legal and operational dilemmas, strategic challenges, and policy issues related to humanitarian protection. ATHA also welcomes responses to questions posed in previous blog posts or ATHA podcasts.

For a sense of the types of blogs — in terms of format and content — in which ATHA is interested, feel free to review recent posts on the ATHA portal here:

To submit an article to the blog, or to inquire about a submission, please fill out this form.

When submitting an article, please:

  • Identify yourself and your affiliation
  • Limit your submission to 1-2 pages in length
If you have a blog post you are ready to submit, upload it here. Permitted formats: .rtf, .pdf, .doc, .docx

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