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Join us for an immersive, case-based training where you'll exchange experience and practice with colleagues across agencies about international humanitarian law and humanitarian protection and see first hand why these frameworks are so essential to effective operations. 

Seeking a better understanding of international humanitarian law, key humanitarian protection challenges, or the latest operational policy for protracted or transitional contexts? Browse the ATHA Thematic Areas and link here to hundreds of additional resources.

ATHA - The Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action

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Woman reaches for water from a cistern reservior — in Kawkaban city, northern Yemen photo by Adriano Bassignana
Water is crucial to the health, development, and security of populations. Yet, around 1.2 billion people – nearly one-fifth of the world’s population – face water scarcity, a number that the UN projects will increase in the coming decades. Another 1.6 billion lack adequate water for economic uses, such as agriculture or energy. Water use has far more...
A young boy in Burkina Faso takes his father's herd of sheep and goats out in search of food and water  © Jennifer Lazuta/IRIN
An ATHA blog post published in September 2014 explored the role of climate change and environmental degradation in increasing the vulnerability of populations to natural disasters, displacement and conflict. This blog post looks at these drivers of humanitarian vulnerability in the Sahel, the African region that has been dubbed “ground zero” for more...
Last week, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, launched a new Policy on Sexual & Gender-Based Crimes, with the aim of strengthening the investigation and prosecution of these horrific crimes. “[T]he Court has charged 17 individuals implicated in our cases with gender related crimes,” cited the Prosecutor more...

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